For decades, the Beira Bulk Terminal has provided a much sought-after storage facility that stores and supplies crude edible oils to oil mills and refineries across the African continent.

The Port of Beira is situated on the north bank of the Pungue River and is an important centre for shipping and logistics in the central Mozambican and Central African regions, while serving as a gateway to the neighbouring African states by road and rail, pipeline to Zimbabwe, and by road and rail to Botswana, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Malawi. These countries – much like many African countries – are deficient in edible oil production and rely on imported edible oils to meet the needs of the majority of households.

The facility is the first of its kind established at Beira, a port city and third largest located in Mozambique and continues to  be an integral part of the regional supply chain for edible oil.

Beira Bulk Terminal aims to provide high quality logistics solutions on the Beira corridor.
We specialise in the handling, storage and supply of edible vegetable oils.