Dendustri South Africa


Dendustri SA (Pty) Ltd. is a multi-disciplined engineering solutions provider who is committed to delivering advanced engineering products and services for the benefit of our engineering community and society. 

Located in Richard’s Bay South Africa, Dendustri SA has a long and proud heritage of over 25 years in the industry and excels at providing specialist engineering solutions across all manufacturing sectors, both locally and abroad. It achieves this by focusing its expertise and capacity in delivering sustainable project engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, operations and maintenance solutions.

The Group delivers its capabilities into three global primary markets: oil and gas, metals and minerals, and power and water. Dendustri SA is a company that holds up world-class standards to supply world-class mechanical manufacturing services that support the advancement of sustainable human development. The mission of Dendustri SA is to exploit opportunities in mechanical manufacturing through proactive identification and development of associated business ventures.



8 Eutectic Point
Richard’s Bay
South Africa

Phone: +27 35 797 4764
Fax: +27 35 797 3002