Super Oil Mills (OG)


Super Oil Mills was founded in 2019 in the heart of the agricultural town of Marble Hill, Limpopo, South Africa. At present are one of the most reputable suppliers of edible oils in the region, employing over 100 local skilled workers.

We have the most innovative multi-seed oil extraction plants and our premium multi-seed solvent processing infrastructure allows us to offer a wide range of extraction solutions and services that are tailored to each customers’ unique oil processing requirements, from husks to oil. Regardless of whether the customer’s need is for rapeseed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, or blended oils, we consistently deliver the highest quality through efficiency and professional production.


Our vision is to be industry leaders in the edible foods category through smart processes and production, utilizing sustainable growth, human knowledge excellence and exemplary environmental practices as our foundation.





Industry Leaders

Edible Oil Integration



Equity and Respect


We strive to ensure we maintain complete transparency in all that we do. We are committed to taking full responsibility for our decisions at every level and use our experience and sound judgment to invigorate the most opportune and beneficial business decisions.

Our associates, at every level of operation, are committed to a united whole. We believe that cooperation is in strengthened in our members by working together, and bringing with us our own unique skills, knowledge and strengths, where we can all benefit and learn.

We support sustainable and safe methods of oil production that reduces environmental degradation, maintaining the productivity of the land over time to support the economic viability of the surrounding farms and communities they serve.

We value and support each other to develop and use our combined strengths for the overall advantage over our competitors. We collaborate to achieve the best results, and by treating fellow team members with respect and consideration, we can develop an environment that can both thrive and succeed, employing these values in such a way that emphasises our commitment to equity and respect.


People Development and Human Rights

Our People Strategy

Human Development

Always prioritising an environment facilitating learning, fairness and inclusivity, our world-class seed and refinery solutions are rooted in the culture and creed of our people. We consider everything we do through the lens of how it will affect them and our organizational structure.

Our people are our competitive edge. We are all part of a diverse and inclusive culture we where believe we can become and sustain the best versions of ourselves.

We nurture a culture of continuous learning. This way we encourage professional and personal growth across all our diverse functions. The ultimate objective is to complement Super Oil Mills’ business mission developed in harmony with the full potential of our people.


Our employees reflect the diverse markets we operate in, the communities we work with and the many locally tailored products that we offer. Together, everyone working at Super Oil Mills is united in one purpose in their uniqueness – to produce premium quality oils while creating a network that feeds sustainable growth for all, with all shortcuts spared and no resources wasted.

Petrus van der Merwe
Plant Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in the oil refining industry, Super Oil Mill’s plant manager Petrus is a key asset to the team and smooth running of the plant. Having grown up in Limpopo, he has very strong key relationships with the farmers and community members.

He joined Super Oil Mills to become a part of an innovative and winning team, and his drive to succeed in everything he does in life is what motivates him daily.

Petrus feels that Super Oil Mills is creating groundbreaking opportunities for its staff and he most values that fact that all staff are treated as equals and given equal opportunities to grown and upskill themselves. Petrus says his favourite part of his job is being able to use his knowledge and skills to overcome any high pressured situations in which are error or fault has occurred.

He enjoys the feeling of having overcome the many challenges that occur daily on the plant.

Mabotse Mohlala
Plant Supervisor

Mabotse has overcome many challenges in the small town of Lebowakgomo in Limpopo to graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Tshwane University of Technology.

Maboste has only been in the oil industry a short while but has already been promoted to plant supervisor where she oversees all of the plant departments. Maboste bucks the stereotype that engineering is a male’s profession and she she driven to constantly further herself through studies and is motivated by the development she has seen from the plant, even in the short time that she has been at Super Oil Mills.

In her spare time she likes to relax and spend as much time as she can with her family and she enjoys cooking and baking for them. Mabotse is proud of where she works and feels that Super Oil Mills is making a great different in the lives of the community members by not only providing local employment but also empowering these staff by upskilling them and providing them with opportunities for job progression.

Morongoa Mojapelo
Human Resources Manager

Super Oil Mill’s people’s person, Morongoa has been the Human Resources Manager for just over two years, after completing her internship. She finds joy in ensuring that the right people are chosen for the right job and tries to ensure that this is always mutually beneficial for both the employee and the plant.

Morongoa feels good that there are over 120 locally employed people that can provide food and resources for their families thanks to Super Oil Mills and hopes that this will continue to grow.

Morongoa complements her own local knowledge and education by attending career seminars in and around the local rural communities, and wants to help assist men and women realise what opportunities exist for them in the workplace.

When she isn’t trying to change the world, Morongoa enjoys knitting and crocheting, and has admitted that there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to relieve everyday stress.

Ivy Ramarope
Quality Assurance Manager

Meet another one of our successfully driven female engineers, Ivy.

Hailing from the small town of Bochum, Polokwane, Ivy is a fiercely determined Chemical Engineer who is also currently studying her post graduate degree part time. When she has free time, she likes to further herself by reading motivational books and finds that these books help her to navigate and succeed as a young black female in a very challenging industry and profession.

Ivy attributes her training at Super Oil Mills to having helped her believe in herself more and taught her how to manage the people she works with and try to bring out the best of them as well.

Ivy acknowledges with pride the large role that Super Oil Mills has in creating employment opportunities for the local communities and skilled young graduates.

Theodorah Phahlamohlaka
Shift Supervisor and Extraction Manager

Having started at Super Oil Mills as a Boiler Maker, Theo rapidly moved up the ranks within the plant due to her keen interest in how machines worked and the process of extraction.

Hailing from a small town called Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, Theodorah is a strong believer in hard work and perseverance and is motivated by these principles to become an expert in her field.

Raised by her grandparents, she enjoys singing and spending quality time with her family and friends. Having initially studied electrical engineering, Theodorah finished completing her studies in Mechanical Engineering at Lephalale TVET College by developing a new interest in mechanics. She now looks back and is grateful that she changed to study this direction as it has allowed her more opportunity and growth.

She is proud to be a part of the Super Oil Mills team, a team that supports local supplies, provides employment and training for the local community and believes in her.

Dakalo Ndwamato
Trainee Shift Supervisor

A very valuable and proud Super Oil Mills employee Dakalo is currently furthering his education by studying a BTECH in Chemical Engineering through UNISA.

Aspiring to excel in everything he does, and seeing every challenge as any opportunity for growth, such is the reason behind Dakalo joining the Super Oil Mills team. He wanted exposure to a new exciting industry and to gain experience to become a vital member of the plant management team.

Dakalo describes how Super Oil Mills is helping the community by ” taking part in building our country’s economy, through providing jobs and development to the community”. When not working, Dakalo likes to explore new places, travel, play chess and relaxing at home.

Nare Sepuru
Trainee Shift Supervisor

Raised in the small town of African Jewel in Polowane, Nare likes to go through life and its ups and downs, with a smile on his face and with the knowledge that he is trying to better himself every day.

His job keeps him physically and mentally active and he values that Super Oil Mill is trying to him and others like him to grow his career through continuous training and development and not just by providing jobs.

He is proud of his achievements in his  previous job and hopes to emulate these in her role at the plant. In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess, swimming and researching different topics.


Our edible oil refinery generates its production rate with the most cutting-edge and advanced technologies in multi-seed solvent extraction. The modern, on-site laboratory religiously performs quality checks on both the incoming seed and outgoing refined oil.

We source locally grown seed and always aim to cultivate a beneficial relationship between the local farmers and their communities.


Edible Oils

Our high quality, multi-seed solvent refinery provides both crude and refined oil to major enterprises in the food manufacturing and nutrition industries.

Seed Crushing

We offer a premium and affordable seed crushing service to provide refined products to companies and consumers for oil extraction and oil cake manufacturing.

Edible Oil Refining

Super Oil Mills offers a high-quality refining service at a very competitive pace with guaranteed exceptional results.


Our environmentally innovative, modern bottling plant has a fully equipped and modern filling and packaging facility, through which we can offer clients a ‘green,’ eco-friendly, solar powered bottling and packaging service, under their own label and brand.

Animal Feed

Super Oil Mills is also a proud producer of some of the highest quality sources of protein that is essential in feeding and performance of all livestock. This includes cottonseed cake and our own PROTEIN 38%. These feed sources form an integral part of animal feed formulation and nutrition and have a shelf-life of six months in dry, well-ventilated storage conditions, available year-round.


For any enquiries or more information, please contact us on +27 (0) 31 536 8424.